Cat are naturally quite fastidious, thus there is a need to be constantly grooming them. Most cats will spend quite some time licking themselves clean and keeping every fur in place.

Keep Them Clean

Long haired cats can be particularly hard to up keep and the owner will have to be committed to constantly grooming the cat. Even the cat itself will spend the better half of a day licking every hair into place. This of course is not really good as the cat is likely to eventually suffer from hairballs and get its coat all matted up. The owner would ideally have to engage the services of a pet groomer to keep the coat manageable and also brush the cat regularly to remove any clumps of hair or excessive hair. Short hair cats are no different as they too need grooming attention and this would include the owner setting aside time daily to brush their coats.

This hair bushing routine is very important and can sometimes be the difference between the cat enjoying a good quality of life and having to run to the vet for an emergency operation to remove a hairball clogging its intestinal track. Daily brushing will help to minimize the amount of hair the cat swallows through its own grooming sessions. Cats often protect themselves by coughing up these hairballs and this can be quite nasty to handle but a better alternative than having a surgical procedure done.

Having some of the tools handy at home would help to create a daily routine that would be enjoyable for both the cat and the owner. Initially the cat may not be too excited about being brushed, but if the owner is persistent and gentle, the cat will eventually come around and learn to accept it as part of the daily necessary routine.